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Production System
Molding System
Molding Syste
Plastic and Die Casting Automotive Parts Molding
▶ Production Line/Major Equipment
CNC Machining Center, CNC EDM, Die Spotting Press, Trial Test Injection.
Molding Machine, High Speed Machining Center, 5-Axis High Speed Machining Center.
▶ Superior molding process technology and design, technical expertise, highly skilled workers
    with advanced training.
▶ On-time delivery, guaranteed maintenance, and strict back data management.
▶ Use of standardized parts for efficient after sales service.
▶ Sufficient pre-production injection trials eliminate post production problems.
▶ Optimum technology used in the molding process of each product, product design anticipates
    complex shapes and assembly.
▶ Application of optimum molding frames for durability and high cycling, anticipation of high volume production
▶ 3D data is compared and verified for surface precision.
    To secure surface reliability, the results are reported only after final 3-dimensional measurements are taken.

생산라인 / Production Line / 生産ライン

  • 생산라인 / Production Line / 生産ライン
  • VM800
  • 고속가공기 / High Speed Machining Center / 高速加工機
  • MCV1260
  • MCV860
  • 동신650톤사출기 / Dongshin 650t Injection Machine / Dongshin650トン射出機
  • 다이포팅기 / 300t Die Spotting Press / 300トンdie spotting機
  • 5축가공기 / 5-AXES / 5-SIDED MACHINING